Welcome to Rendez-Vous Recording.

 We are the longest running studio in Hawai‘i                    RECORDING, MIXING, ARRANGING and MASTERING.

We are a one stop resource for everything from music and video production, to post production, cd design & duplication, graphic design, website, social networking.  Our studio is designed for flexibility comfort and can accommodate a live band. 

Come see why so many have chosen to be part of the

Rendez-Vous  family.

Since 1981 in Manoa

The studio



WHAT IT TAKES TO Record a song 

If you ever wanted to know what goes on in a session at Rendez-Vous Recording, watch this short video.  You will see each step during the recording process.  Although this process took 4 hours of studio time, the video has been edited to 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Bands - Choirs - Vocals - Musicians & More 

Rendez-Vous Recording


Na Hoku Hanohano Award

 for Engineer

Pierre Grill - Engineer